Managing Your Online Account


1. Click on My Account under “Search Our Catalog” on our homepage.
2. Enter the 14-digit barcode (no spaces) on the back of your library card.
3. Leave the PIN field blank.
4. Click the “Submit” button.
5. On the next screen, you will be prompted to select a PIN, which can be any combination of letters and/or numbers of your choice (we recommend at least four characters and something easy to remember), and enter it twice. 
6. Click the “Submit” button.
7. Your PIN will be set and you will be logged into your account.

If you experience any difficulty, please visit the Adult Reference Desk.


1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above, this time entering your PIN at step 3.
2. Once you are logged into your account, the screen will have a link to the list of “Items currently checked out” on your card. Click this link.
3. Check the “Renew” box to the left of the item(s) you wish to renew.
4. Click “Renew Selected Items.” You may also choose “Renew all.”
5. View the items you selected to confirm that they have been renewed. The new due date should appear along with the word “Renewed.” If an item was not renewed, an explanation will appear in red text under the column headed “Status.”
6. After you have completed your renewals, remember to “Logout.”

The system will not renew an item that has a reserve on it, is overdue, or is non-renewable (Express books, video games, DVDs, videos & audiobooks) and it will not renew an item more than twice.


1. Search the Catalog for the specific item you wish to reserve.
2. Click the “Request” button (it’s outlined in red and has a check mark on it) towards the upper-left of the screen.
3. Enter your 14-digit library card number and your PIN.
4. Click the “Submit” button.
5. The next screen should then indicate that “Your request was successful.”
6. You can now search the catalog and reserve additional items without re-entering your barcode and PIN.
7. After you have completed your reserves, remember to “Logout.”

The system will not reserve Express Books, video games and new DVDs.