Computer Use and Internet Policy

Adopted 1/19/05
        Revised 9/17/08
        Revised 2/11/09
        Revised 6/16/10
        Revised 6/20/18

1. Permitted Access:

In accordance with its mission as an educational institution serving the needs of all of the residents of the Baldwin Union Free School District, the Baldwin Public Library seeks to provide users with access to the Library’s online catalog, subscriptions to full-text information resources, and the Internet. Patrons using computers in the Library must abide by this Computer Use Policy. Staff will manage computer resources in order to provide equitable access to all patrons.

Library computers with Internet access are located in public areas shared by patrons of varying ages, background, and sensibilities. Individuals are asked to be considerate about accessing potentially controversial information and images.

The Library reserves the right to regulate the amount of time patrons may use the computers, based on demand, as well as the right to charge for printing.

2. Internet Content:

Not all information available via the Internet is accurate, current, and complete. Users are encouraged to evaluate carefully the validity of information accessed via the Internet. Users are cautioned that ideas, points of view, and images found on the Internet may be graphic and / or controversial, inflammatory, or offensive.

3. Internet Filtering:

Filtering software seeks to block access to potentially offensive images and text. All computers are equipped with filtering software. Filtering software diminishes the likelihood that Internet searchers will inadvertently retrieve text or images that they may find offensive, but this software may also block access to sites that users would consider both useful and inoffensive. Filters are not foolproof. Filtering may be disabled on request for bona fide research or other lawful purposes.

4. Children’s Use:

The Baldwin Public Library does not require parental permission for minors to access the Internet on Library computers. Responsibility for, and any restriction of, a child’s use of the Internet rests solely with the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian.

The Baldwin Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed on the Internet. Parents, guardians or caregivers are encouraged to actively participate with their children when using the Internet or other electronic resources, and to provide guidance for their usage.

5. Prohibited Activities:

Please be aware that display or transmission of obscenity, child pornography, or materials harmful to minors is illegal and is therefore prohibited. Such displays or transmissions may result in appropriate legal action, including suspension of library privileges or police intervention.

The Library’s Internet resources may not be use to perform any illegal activities, including the deliberate propagation of computer viruses. The Library’s computers may not be used to seek disallowed access to any other computer system. Any verified complaints as to illegal activity may result in a shut down of a computer station, the suspension of computer privileges, and possible referral to appropriate authorities.*

* Appeals by Library patrons relating to suspension of computer privileges shall be made to the Board of Trustees in writing within 30 days of such suspension. The Board or its designees shall convene a hearing within 10 days of submission of such appeal. Within 15 days, the Board of Trustees shall render a decision in writing and explain the reasons for its actions. The decision of the Board will be final.

6. Damage:

All users must be responsible for their behavior and for any damages that occur due to misuse. They must agree not to attempt to alter, even temporarily, the computer set-up. Any vandalism, destructive behavior, or illegal activities may result in police action as well as suspension of privileges. All users accept responsibility for the good working order of the computers and furniture. Parents and guardians will be held responsible for any damage done by their minor children.

7. Security / Confidentiality:

Users are cautioned that security in an electronic environment such as the Internet cannot be guaranteed. All transactions, files, and communication are vulnerable to unauthorized access and use, and therefore should not be considered confidential. Internet users must respect the privacy or others by not attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others.

8. Copyright Warning:

All rules of copyright and personal property must be honored. Information in the form of text, graphics, music, video, software, and other media retrieved or utilized electronically should be considered protected.