Library Card & Circulation Policy

Circulation Policy
Approved December 15, 1999
Revised August 15, 2007
Revised August 20, 2008
Revised September 17, 2008
Revised May 20, 2009
Revised July 1, 2013
Revised August 19, 2015
Revised December 21, 2016

Every person who resides or owns real estate property in the Baldwin Public Library Service Area (Baldwin Union Free School District – BUFSD) is entitled to a free library card with all the benefits that apply.

Only 1 proof of ID is required, as long as it is a current, government-issued photo ID with an address within the BUFSD, a BUFSD photo ID / report card / bus pass, or a private school report card / bus pass that includes a BUFSD home address. In this case, the card will be issued immediately.

If a person does not have a photo ID or school ID / information, 2 proofs of address are required. Acceptable proof of address includes, but is not limited to:

Utility bill (electric, gas, telephone)
Credit card statement
Bank statement
Tax bill or receipt
Rent receipt with address
Mortgage statement
House deed
Paycheck with home address.
In this case, the card will be issued immediately.

If a person does not have proof of address or ID, or applies for a card online, the card will not be issued immediately, but will be mailed to the stated address.

It is illegal for a person who is not a resident of the Baldwin School District to falsely claim a Baldwin residential address in order to obtain a Baldwin Public Library card.


1. Adult borrower cards are issued to residents who are 18 and older. Responsibility for the use of a library card rests wholly with the individual to whom it is issued (or if a minor, his or her parent / guardian).

2. Only you can use your library card; it is non-transferable. Report the loss of a card immediately. A charge will be made for the replacement of a lost card.

3. If items are not returned in good condition you will be held responsible for the full cost of replacement.

4. If a person returns a non-renewable item, another person from the same residence may not immediately borrow it.

5. You must be in 7th grade or older in order to borrow DVDs, eReaders, and video games.

6. You must be at least 18 years of age to borrow museum passes.

7. Direct Access – a punch on your library card will validate your card for Direct Access. This means that you may borrow library materials from other public libraries in Nassau County if permissible according to the lending library and return them to any Nassau County public library.

8. The Baldwin Public Library, in accordance with the Nassau Library System’s Plan of Compliance to the Commissioner’s Regulations 90.3, will allow card holders in good standing from other member libraries and those who hold a state mandated access card the use of and borrowing privileges of its collection. Four exceptions to this are:

DVDs less than 3 months old
The Express Book Collection
Museum Passes
Video Games.

Young Adults:

1. Baldwin residents who are at least in 7th grade may apply for / renew a card on their own with acceptable ID.

2. You must be in at least 7th grade to borrow DVDs, eReaders, and video games.


1. A juvenile card may be issued to any child from birth through age 11. Children may not borrow DVDs, museum passes, eReaders, or video games. A parent or guardian must be present at the time of registration / renewal and provide acceptable identification for him or herself.

2. The Baldwin Public Library does not attempt to censor materials borrowed by children or young adults. The Library Board believes it is the right of the parent or guardian, not the Library, to place limitations on materials their child may borrow.

“Works in Baldwin” Library Card

To receive a “Works in Baldwin” library card, a person must provide a current photo ID with home address and prove employment in Baldwin with either a paycheck or letter from the employer plus photo ID. The card must be renewed yearly.

“Works in Baldwin” library cardholders are entitled to:

1. Borrow books, magazines, pamphlets, CDs, and audiobooks.
2. Receive reference service.
3. Use of the computers.

“Works in Baldwin” library cardholders are NOT entitled to:

1. Direct access stamp from BPL.
2. Interloan service.
3. Reserves.
4. Borrow Express books.
5. Borrow Museum passes.
6. Borrow DVDs (will loan materials older than 3 months with a library card from a Nassau County public library).
7. Borrow video games.

Lost and Paid Library Books
Revised September 18, 2013

No refunds after item is paid for.