Library Rules of Behavior

The following Library Rules of Behavior, to be observed while on Library premises, are:

• No food or beverages except for non-alcoholic beverages in covered containers (Note: beverages are not permitted near any computers)
• No loud talking or disturbances
• No cell phone voice use is permitted except in book sale area and vestibules. Cell phones should be on silent or vibrate mode.
• Texting and wireless web searching is permitted.
• No loitering
• No running
• No sleeping
• No smoking
• No spitting
• No bare feet
• No panhandling
• No soliciting
• No gambling
• No bicycles, scooters, skateboards in building
• No skateboarding on Library property
• No abusive or obscene gestures or language
• No radios, cassettes, TVs, etc. (headphones may be used as long as no ambient sound is emitted from the headphones)
• No destroying or defacing Library property
• No animals except for guide or assistance animals

–Any behavior that is disruptive to Library operations and patron use is prohibited.

–The Library reserves the right to require any patron or visitor to show identification.

–Identification is not transferable.

–People who violate these rules will be asked to leave the Library.