Mobile Printing - COMING SOON!

Holding Cell Phone
Use our Web Print Service to send documents from your mobile devices from anywhere with an internet connection to be printed at the Library.

Web Print is a two-step process:

1. Upload a document to the Web Print system.
2. Release the print job from one of our public copiers.
To Print a File:
The first time you use Web Print, you are required to register your email address.
1. Visit:
2. Enter your email address and select Baldwin Public Library NY from the drop-down list
3. Click Register Email
4. After processing, the screen will show a “Successful Registration” message along with a link to the file upload page

Upload Your File
1. Click the link:
2. Enter your email address
3. Select either BW (black and white) or Color
4. Browse to select your file
5. Click Submit
6. Note your Job ID once your job is accepted

NOTE: You can also Email your document to: (for black & white copies | $0.10 cents per page) (for color copies | $0.25 cents per page)
and wait for an email confirmation containing your Job ID

Proceed to the Mobile Print Release Kiosk
Located next to the copy machine by the Adult Reference Desk
1. Press Print Release Station
2. Enter your Job ID
3. Select your Print Job(s), then click Print
4. The cost of your print job is displayed
5. Insert money in coin box and click OK