Social Media Policy

Adopted: January 15, 2014

Statement of Purpose
Baldwin Public Library provides social networking opportunities that offer an extension of library services and resources to connect users to information, education and recreation. These online tools enable library users to share information and opinions about library issues and subjects with library staff and other patrons. Baldwin Public Library supports the idea of creating an environment for the purpose of bringing library users together.

Privacy Advisory
Posted content by library staff and users on social networks can be seen by the local library community and web users everywhere, and this makes all comments public record. The Baldwin Public Library reserves the right to modify or remove content that is slanderous, abusive, inappropriate or private information about individuals without their consent. To protect their privacy, social network users should not post personal information, such as full name, age, school, address, phone number or library card number.

Social Media Definition
Social media is defined as any web application, web site, or web account created and/or maintained by the Baldwin Public Library, which facilitates an environment for library users to share opinions and information about library-related subjects, events or issues. Baldwin Public Library recognizes and respects differences in opinion. This policy governs public use of these tools for any purpose.

The following policy applies to all patrons and users whether members of the Baldwin Public Library or not. Also, the library is not responsible for enforcing restrictions in which a parent or guardian may place on a minor using our social media platform.

Rules for Commenting
Baldwin Public Library staff monitors comments and may remove comments including but not limited to:

Plagiarized material
Copyright violations
Off-topic comments
Inappropriate, sexually explicit, obscene, hateful or racist comments
Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
Potentially libelous statements
Comments or hyperlinks not directly related to the discussion
Commercial promotion, advertisement, or spam
Organized political activity
Private or personal information, including name, age, phone number, address, and the like.
Photos or images which fall into any of the above categories

Appropriate Content

Library policies and procedures
Information about library services and events
Public opinions that relate to the library
Information about future training and continuing education programs
Book discussion and suggestions

No Liability Clause
Individuals take sole responsibility in using social networking sites. The library is not responsible or liable for any social networking user on any message board, forum or any other area within the service. Posting content means that the user agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Baldwin Public Library and its officers and employees from and against all claims, judgments, costs (including attorney’s fees), damages and liabilities resulting from or in relation to the user’s comments, postings or opinions in any way. Any Baldwin Public Library link to an external website is not a sponsorship, authorization, affiliation or endorsement of that web site, including the products or services and owners of the website, by the Baldwin Public Library.

This site is for discussion purposes only and does not represent the official views of the Baldwin Public Library. Any views expressed on this website are those of the individual post author only. The Baldwin Public Library accepts no liability for the content of this site.

By choosing to comment you agree to these rules.