Britannica Academic (College)

The Encyclopedia Britannica, continuously updated, is regarded as one of the most scholarly of encyclopedias. Also includes Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, magazines and periodicals, and many other research tools.

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Britannica Escolar

Un excelente recurso digital en español que ayuda a enriquecer el aprendizaje de los estudiantes de primaria y secundaria. (An excellent digital resource in Spanish that helps enrich the learning of elementary and high school students.)

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Credo Reference


Not only is Credo a digital reference library of over 1100 high-quality reference books, it’s also the ideal place to start almost any research.

Enter your topic—for many you will find a “Topic Page” presenting a brief summary article and additional articles, books, news, images, and videos. Even better, on the same screen will be results from many of our authoritative databases.

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