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Not only is Credo a digital reference library of over 1100 high-quality reference books, it’s also the ideal place to start almost any research.

Enter your topic—for many you will find a “Topic Page” presenting a brief summary article and additional articles, books, news, images, and videos. Even better, on the same screen will be results from many of our authoritative databases.

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Gale in Context: Middle School

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(Formerly known as Research in Context)
Great for both middle and high school students, Research In Context covers cultures, government, people, history, literature, science and more. Content includes videos, newspapers, magazines, reference articles, and primary sources.

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Gale in Context: U.S. History

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Get a personal perspective to history with more than 5,000 rare and vital primary source documents from American Decades: Primary Sources series and other top titles.

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Gale in Context: World History

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Aligned to state and national curriculum standards, this database provides an overview of world history that covers the most-studied events, periods, cultures, civilizations, religions, conflicts, wars, ideologies, cultural movements, and people.

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Historical Newspapers: New York Times (1851-2014)

Includes all the articles published since the first issue of the paper in 1851. Provides full text and full image articles with digital reproductions of every page, every article and every issue in PDF format. In addition to news stories, includes editorials, letters to the editor, obituaries, birth and marriage announcements, photos, and advertisements.

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Issues and Controversies in American History

This database builds a deeper understanding of how historical events have shaped the United States by exploring the issues as the key players saw them. Each in-depth exploration delivers balanced coverage that provides the background, outcomes, and contemporary points of view for the major topics in American history.

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Salem History

Access Milestone Documents in American History, Historical Encyclopedia of American Business and selected titles from the Decades series.

To use this database, select the “Library Card Number” button and enter the 14-digit number from your library card.

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