People Are Talking | Library Reviews

"The children's department is wonderful. Martha, Tamelee and all of the other workers in the children's department do an outstanding job. My kids love going to the library. Great resources and staff."

- Yinak A.
"The Super Smash Bros for Wii U tournament held by Mid-Tier Summit was absolutely phenomenal. This event gave young gamers an opportunity to compete with older ones and it was a great break through opportunity into the competitive gaming community."

- Kinsey S.
"I had a great time at BPL at their ice cream social to support summer reading this past weekend. This is a great community resource and place to learn!"

- Lauren D.

"One of the best libraries on Long Island. They have so much to offer for everyone."

- Suzannah R.
"Friendly, helpful staff and good resources and facilities."

- Michael C.
"Excellent Library. The staff are courteous and knowledgeable. Toddler Time and play time are great for my two year old."

- Nadia H.

"I come to this library to illustrate my work. It's very quiet and I can concentrate better..."

- Elliot J.
Awesome library!!! The staff is so courteous and helpful. There's so many books,I spend more of my time in the children section and get very excited for the books. They have a wide selection and lots of great genres choose from. There's alot of activities for kids as well, my 7 yr old loves to go there.

- Ornella S.
"New alterations and great staff make this library one of the best in Nassau county."

- Victor W.

"I just saw the magic show, what a perfect show for young children!"

- Susan F.
"You have some exceptional people working in the Children's Room, Circulation, Reference, everywhere!"

- Jerry S.
"The staff here is so friendly and welcoming! I will be coming back!"

- Jaclyn G.

"Your tech for adults class for excellent. My tutor was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, a great listener and patient."

- Pete M.
"I really enjoy the movies and subsequent discussions that you have afterwards."

- James R.
"I honestly do not know where to begin when praising Martha and the staff of the Children's Room."

- April M.

"The children's room is great. The events are fantastic and varied, more than any other library. The librarian is so nice and helpful. And your website is the best. Artistic, informative and engaging....You should be proud!"

- Debra K.
"Well organized, neat, big computer area and comfortable study spaces. Although not too big, best use of space."

- Raymond K.
"Love, love this library of mine. Thanks to all the friendly and helpful folks that work there."

- Joel G.

"Perfect place to study in early weekdays. There is nothing much I can say about the library. It was quiet, I heard people breathing and the chairs were comfortable."

- Noushky F.
"This place has so many little study cubes where you can tune out the world and get writing or researching without your tv calling your name (yes, thats a real problem). In addition, I try to be as thrifty as possible, because #gradstudentlife but the library has a great selection of CD's, books on tape, DVDs, and even video games."

- Ann L.
"This library was actually responsible for the start of my library career. When I was a kid, later on a teenager I came here all the time. I loved the librarians and the selection of books. This library will have fond memories for me always."

- Diana Q.

"Baldwin library is a great library, maybe one of my favorites. They got a few clubs and services that they offer which makes it a great place to stop in for a variety of needs."

- Miguel C.
"The Baldwin Public Library has everything I need and even if they don't, they will gladly get it for me!"

- Chris H.
"The Baldwin Library has been a great source of help and learning for my four children over the years.The after school programs that they offer and also the care that the librarians and teachers give there is what makes this library so special."

- Gus T.